Nadrasca Training Services



Nadrasca provide Certificate Level training in partnership with the Box Hill Institute.  The Partnership between the Box Hill Institute and Nadrasca has been endorsed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Nadrasca delivers Australian Qualifications Framework training in a number of areas, specifically:

  • Certificate I in Transition Education
  • Certificate I in Work Education

Every Participant at Nadrasca has the opportunity to participate in these training courses, which works towards enhancing a person’s community engagement, reduction in vulnerability, as well as improving  employability.

Trainees are expected to participate in experiential learning that supports classroom learning within their chosen area of study.  This experiential learning concept improves the learning outcomes, by enabling trainees to practically apply their classroom learning.  All Trainers engaged in providing coursework are employees of Nadrasca, and have the Sector experience, along with training qualifications to specifically meet the learning needs of Nadrasca Participants.

Nadrasca Training Services is also responsible for being a resource, developing and delivering educational programmes in the areas of literacy, numeracy, money skills, social media, protective behaviours and how to handle difficult situations, etc.

For more information about Nadrasca Training Services, please contact Judy Roberts on  8872 5702.